Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Orchard Cover Art and other news!

Yesterday, Ra Ra Riot released the cover art for their 2nd album, The Orchard which is due out August 24th!
I think it's a great cover.

They also released a preview of "The Making of" The Orchard!

New Video for It's Working by MGMT

MGMT have recently released the video for their 2nd single It's Working from their new album Congratulations. The video is probably the least weird video they've done as of yet, with Andrew and Ben working to make some sort of machine out of a box and after they finish, silliness ensues. It's not bad, and I'm glad they got of the "Let's be as obscure as possible!" bandwagon for this video.

It's Working

New Video for Guys Eyes by Animal Collective

Yesterday, Animal Collective released the video for Guys Eyes, the 4th video from their 2009 album Merriweather Post Pavilion. It's not a bizarre video at all: it does not feature weird colors, people in bubble/tents dancing, or the band melting. Rather, it features Geologist running a surf shop and people surfing. It's a nice video, and worth a watch.

Guys Eyes