Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Video for Holiday by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend have released a video for their song "Holiday" from their new album. They really surpassed themself this time, getting all colonial on everyone. Even they make powdered wigs gangsta.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ra Ra Riot are...The Orchard!

Ra Ra Riot have announced the release of their second album "The Orchard", and it's due out August 24th. Oh, I really cannot wait!

Tracklisting for The Orchard
01 The Orchard
02 Boy
03 Too Dramatic
04 Foolish
05 Massachusetts
06 You and I Know
07 Shadowcasting
08 Do You Remember
09 Kansai
10 Keep It Quiet

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Video for Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by Muse

Okay, Muse are awesome and insane. I love them, but this whole twilight thing has got to stop. In an interview awhile ago, Dominic Howard himself said that they would not be partaking in anymore "Twilight" soundtracks. Well, he lied. Now, we have a complete original for the soundtrack called "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)". Regarding the song, it's really disgusting--it sounds like they threw together a few things and topped it off with sloppy vocals. The only redeeming part of it is the drumming and the classic-Muse arpeggio. I give them credit, though, for not taking a song from a previous album and destroying it by letting it be associated with such a poor movie (cough cough Supermassive Blackhole cough cough).

Regarding the video-it's an average video of the band performing dramatically, which would've been ok with the mediocrity of the song, except they decided to punctuate it video from the movie that no one who actual watches the video wants to see at all.

Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Panda Bear to Release New Single!

According to Amazon apparently, founding member of Animal Collective, Noah Lennox (AKA Panda Bear) is set to release the first title-track single for his album Tomboy on July 13th. You can head over to amazon now and pre-order the single. The product description left us with this enticing message:
"Paw Tracks is excited to present the first in a series of limited edition seven inch singles by Animal Collective's Panda Bear. There will be several limited singles total (on different labels), and each one will bring us closer and closer to the much anticipated release of the Tomboy full length."
The album is due out in September, and I'm really very excited!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Coral are...Butterfly House!

I don't know how long this news has been around, but I haven't read until now. The Coral are finally coming out with their 5th album entitled Butterfly House after their 2007 album (the amazing) Root & Echoes and the departure of guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones. They have released several song names: 'Coney Island', 'Rovin Jewel', 'Green is the Colour', 'Sandhills', and '1000 Years', which will be the albums first single. The Coral are also offering a free download of the title track 'Butterfly House' through their website. While your their you'll also notice some English tour dates. The album is set to be released July 12th. I hope it's as fantastic as their last!

Butterfly House

You can also follow the boys on their twitter account!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Carlos D Has Left Interpol

Interpol were the first indie band that I ever got into. Arguably, without them, I would have never expanded my research into the indie genre. Carlos D has always been known as the gothic looking "weird" bass player of Interpol. He was always a stand out member, whether it was for his style or his insane bass playing (which he always chose to play at his knees), so the news that Carlos has left them has struck me with immense sadness.
From their website:

"After the completion of the album, Carlos informed the rest of us that he would be leaving the band. He has decided to follow another path, and to pursue new goals. This separation is amicable, and we whole-heartedly wish him great happiness and success. We will remain, as always, deeply respectful fans of this blazingly talented individual."

I am happy that he stayed to finish the album, and I hope his future endeavors go well, but for now, i'll still be left deeply sadden.

The video that started my Interpol love so many years ago

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Video for The Royal We by Silversun Pickups

Yesterday, Silversun Pickups released a video for their 3rd single "The Royal We" from there latest album "Swoon". Songwise, it's really a great song, with nice progressive guitars and vocals that sound like they're coming from the soul. The video is not as good as the song, but it's worth a watch. It's really psychedelic, with weird surrealistic images and awkward close-ups of singer Brian Aubert. I have absolutely loved Silversun Pickups since I saw Muse in March, and if you don't think you like them, I suggest giving them a try.

The Royal We