Saturday, April 24, 2010


Status-Out as of 2010
2nd Studio Album
Rating-3 feathers

Two years ago, MGMT were a little known band supporting of Montreal, and having just released their 1st EP “Time To Pretend”. Little did they know that their 2008 album “Oracular Spectacular” would instantly launch them into the mainstream. Apparently, they really didn’t like this. Now with their 2nd album, “Congratulations”, they have made it very clear that they want to lapse into an obscure world where they won’t have any well known ‘singles’. In other words, this is not the MGMT you used to know.

Congratulations starts with “It’s Working”, rushing in bombastically with surf-pop inspired guitars/bass under pinned by fantastical synthesizers. I don’t know if they noticed, but it is an undeniably catchy song—when the entire band is chanting “it’s working in your blood”, there’s no way you can avoid the urge to sing along. The same can be said for their not-single “Flash Delirium”. Granted, it’s not the best version of a radio-friendly danceable pop song, but the thick synthesizers and endless hooks will leave this song as engrained in your mind as “Kids” ever did. Yet, amongst these innovative songs, MGMT still manage to fall over themselves trying to lose their dance-aesthetic. “Someone’s Missing” does everything to make it as psychedelic as possible, even going as far as adding a really poorly placed sitar. It picks up toward the end, but goes absolutely nowhere. Unlike similar works by of Montreal, Animal Collective, and even The Who, their twelve-minute multi-movement piece “Siberian Breaks” sounds overdrawn and forced. The movements lack any sort of cohesion, each one being completely different from the previous with awkward transitions between. The individual components could each be turned into their own great song, but as one, it flounders severely. “I Found A Whistle” provides some sort of serious musicianship with a gorgeous soulful tone and space-y organs, even if the subject matter is slightly ridiculous. “Brian Eno” also plays up the inane subject matter (it’s a strange glorification of Brian Eno), but as with “Whistle”, it is masked by wonderfully poppy and mashed-together synthesizers. Much to their dismay, this song would be an undeniably radio-friendly single. “Congratulations” closes the album in a calm, very reorienting manner. If you get past the almost laughable Flight of the Conchords-esque delivery, it offers a good amount of ordinary closure to a very odd album.

The album really wasn’t that bad. As a whole, MGMT achieved their goal and then some in departing as far away as possible from Oracular Spectacular; it’s more psychedelic, contains more intelligent lyrics, and all in all sounds significantly more complex and thought out. However, they seem to be suffering a musical identity-crisis where they combine ten plus genres in one song, and they’re becoming absurdly pretentious: just look at “Brian Eno” and “Lady Dada’s Romance”. MGMT had built massive bridges with their debut, but “Congratulations” let them burn them all down to the point where their career will start over and progress slower, or as they put it “more naturally”. I’ll at least commend them for that.

"The title ties into this cynical philosophy I have. It's like, Congratulations, you're Bono, you've made it. But what do you really have? You still don't have any answers."-Andrew VanWyngarden

Video for Flash Delirium

Recommendations: It's Working, Flash Delirium, I Found a Whistle
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Note: YAY! Review out! Hasn't happened for a few months, and now I'm back and ready to post more of them. Hooray! Anyway, I'll post a picture of my actual copy soon, but if it matters, I got the picture from google images. I hope you enjoy and I appreciate your comments!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Record Store Day Tomorrow!

For all of you yanks and some brits, tomorrow is Record Store Day! Record Store Day is a celebration of indie bands and the Record Stores that make there careers possible. To celebrate this fabulous day, many bands, such as Monsters of Folk, Muse, Phoenix, Passion Pit, have released special edition (mostly vinyl) singles of new-for-Record-Store-Day-recordings and old stuff too. So go out, get some vinyl, listen to tunes!

"It’s important to have something that is being done just out of true love for new music that is being welcomed into the world. People should go to their indie record store and find out what is happening.”-Regina Spektor

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Congratulations Out Today


If you haven't already gotten it, and haven't gotten sick of listening to it on their website, go out and get it! Support your favorite bands!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Final Friday Thing: The Wrote and the Writ by Johnny Flynn

So everyone, this is my last Friday Thing. I guess it wore out it's welcome, and I let it take over my blog. I sorta figured that this is the 75th Friday Thing, and it will be the last. I am stopping it for I feel that I've lost focus with my blog, it starting out as a strictly review blog. Now I will only do reviews and little news things. Expect an Animal Collective, Monsters of Folk, or Spoon review out in the very very near future.

Johnny Flynn is a fantastic performer and writer. All his songs are simple, and immensely poignant. He never fails to evoke some sort of emotion, whether it's hope or sadness, and this song conveys the perfect sense of lonliness with some acceptance; it's just beautiful.

The Wrote and the Writ