Friday, April 2, 2010

The Final Friday Thing: The Wrote and the Writ by Johnny Flynn

So everyone, this is my last Friday Thing. I guess it wore out it's welcome, and I let it take over my blog. I sorta figured that this is the 75th Friday Thing, and it will be the last. I am stopping it for I feel that I've lost focus with my blog, it starting out as a strictly review blog. Now I will only do reviews and little news things. Expect an Animal Collective, Monsters of Folk, or Spoon review out in the very very near future.

Johnny Flynn is a fantastic performer and writer. All his songs are simple, and immensely poignant. He never fails to evoke some sort of emotion, whether it's hope or sadness, and this song conveys the perfect sense of lonliness with some acceptance; it's just beautiful.

The Wrote and the Writ


Lily Hydrangea said...

nice tune, & what a great talent!
I like the way it was filmed & how he ended it
I'll miss your friday thing DH.
I guess I can always look back in the archives.

Double Hawk said...

Thanks LH! I sorta figured that my blog doesn't get a lot of traffic (I'm guessing), and that no one really seems to comment on the Friday Things anymore, and it was becoming soo stressful to come up with a meaningful one week after week that I thought I should just end it. I encourage you to look through past ones though, some may change how you view passionate music!

Ian France said...

I love the Takeaway Shows. I just do. Plus, Flynn's a talent that can't be ignored, and I hope he comes out with another album sometime soon (this year, preferably). The video illustrates that he's perfectly capable of doing so. He could just record a whole album of random plucking and strumming and I'd probably buy it (or just download it for free when it leaks ;D).

Double Hawk said...

Arnie: Yeah, I know! Johnny Flynn is great, and he's talented beyond his 20 something years. You know me, if an artist I like comes out with something new, I'll go out and purchase it, even if it is seemingly random plucking!