Friday, December 12, 2008

The Friday Thing: The Meeting Place by The Last Shadow Puppets

Sorry for no reviews, I have two in the works so I'll post one or both tomorrow!

Upon hearing the beginning how could you not want to listen? This was one of a series of basic versions of a few of the shadow puppets song and I personally think that the simple combination of an acoustic and electric guitar help make it a very charming performance. I hope you enjoy these two!

The Meeting Place


Marilyn Roxie said...

Just stumbled into your blog; kudos for covering a great selection of artists here! And the Last Shadow Puppets are so ridiculously good-looking and talented, hehe...! :P
~Marilyn Roxie

Ian France said...

Happy! Happy! Everyone is happy! Great song, they must be fantastic live.

Double Hawk said...

Marilyn: Welcome to my blog. I try to make it as wide of a variety as possible. Ha, definately!

Arnie: The first time I heard that bit, I had to pause it because I couldn't stop laughing! This was very sad during the concert, but yes, fantastic.