Friday, February 13, 2009

The Friday Thing: Hellhound by Son of Dave

As usual, I was watching later with Jools Holland and, typically, half way through the show they'll have some one come on who does one song, and usually its very, very weird. Son of Dave was on this one (I only watched it because The Coral were on) and I was kinda creeped out by this performance, but I must say it had a very lasting effect on me. You also gotta love James Skelly's (The Coral singer) look at 0:57: It basically sums up my reaction!



Ian France said...

This guy's got TALENT. A LOT of talent. He sounds like three people playing at once, kind of like Jamie Lidell's performance in "From The Basement". I love discovering new undiscovered artists that are so downright amazing. Really cool stuff, keep posting this!

Going to a "Later..." show is on my bucket list.

Double Hawk said...

Arnie: This was actually from an olders Later, back in like 2003 2004 when The Coral were touring for The Invisible Invasion, which is their second album. It's performances like this (And Jamie Lidell's) that persuaded me to do The Friday Thing. Glad you liked it!

espo369 said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out on my blog. I've been reading your blog and it's really great. By the way, Jools Holland (I think) has some of the best artists on his show.

Double Hawk said...

Espo: Thanks for reading! I must say, Jools Holland sure knows how to put together a show, and it's one of the only places where you can see a bunch of quality acts in one hour.