Friday, March 4, 2011

Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes Release New Songs...

This week should have been excited: Two of my absolute favorite bands released new songs. I am less than thrilled, however.

Arctic Monkeys' new song is called "Brick by Brick". It sounds nothing like anything they've ever done, and it's darker and more "rock" oriented than past stuff, but it's almost like they took all the bad elements of Humbug and went to town. And I loved Humbug.

And The Strokes released also released a new song. A few weeks ago, they released the song "Under Cover of Darkness" and it was great. It was what we expected from The Strokes, but fresh and bouncy. However, the song they just released called "You're So Right", and to quote Hipster Runoff, it sounds "like someone dropped an ipod in a toilet". For some ungodly reason they used a drum machine instead of Fab's magnificent talent. It's the awful parts of Phrazes for the Young all digustingly processed into a horrific 2 minutes. If you enjoy this, your music taste needs medical attention.

Do you agree that it is "River of Brakelights"?


Caroline said...

Just chillin' and gonna leave you a comment:

I read the Arctic Monkey's title as the Paramore song "Brick by Boring Brick".


And for their song I don't even right now.

And I kind of think that the Strokes are trying to be too different right now, and Julian is taking his side project into the Strokes.


Double Hawk said...

Caroline: I'm glad you agree. Really. I am. The new song they played on SNL was pretty fly, and I enjoy Under Cover of Darkness, but You're So Right is awkwardly the same as River of Brakelights.

Caroline said...

Their performance was really good, but, I don't think it was all that worth it to sit through hours of Miley Cyrus.

All I could think of was, "Damn, you must think you're so cool wearing your Strokes shirt.".

I mean, I love The Strokes, but, couldn't they play when someone who wasn't Miley Cyrus was hosting?

Double Hawk said...

Caroline: I don't agree with the producer's choices, but the first performance was worth staying up for because they performed it really well AND the way they interacted with each other brought warmth to my heart!

Caroline said...

I was kind of expecting more from them, but, I've never seen them live so I guess I can't really comment on it.

Double Hawk said...

Caroline: Well, I mean, like they were smiling at each other and seemed to enjoy each other's company. Yup. (I have awkwardly watched many many videos)

Caroline said...

Well, I think they would always appreciate playing (Unless you're Radiohead in the OK Computer era lolololol), but, I'm always going to be expecting lazers, or Daft Punk.

Or fifty year old men dancing around with skinny ties.