Friday, January 23, 2009

ISOBELLA-The Little Flames

The Little Flames
Status-Out as of 2007
Rating-3 feathers

Known around the Liverpool area, The Little Flames released two other singles on the Deltasonic label. With clear influences in The Coral, and a fanbase including Arctic Monkeys, The Little Flames have made somewhat of a name for themselves. Isobella is their 3rd addition to their work. 'Isobella' is an awesome song. Other than the shear power, the first thing you realize is that this song was not specifically written for a woman as in it's not a dumb love song most female singers tend to perform. The whole song never takes a break from beginning to end, and it's generally very well composed. 'Werewolf Rumble' is a huge change from the last, and it's generally not as captivating. It's a bit too simple and the promising groove at the beginning tapers off a bit too quick. 'A Shadow Walks' calm but not overtly. The general tune is a lot better than the previous song's. You can easily picture James Skelly (The Coral) singing this and it could easily be a b-side to Roots and Echoes, which obviously to me is a high comparison. Generally, Isobella wasn't that magnificent. They have huge potential to do something great because their sound is so refined and if they made an album, i'm sure it would be up to the same standards that 'Isobella' exhibited rather than 'Werewolf Rumble'.
"Things changed, as you get older you realise you can go off in whatever direction you please"-Miles Kane

Video for Isobella

The Little Flames Official Website
Note: The Little Flames apparently recorded an album in 2007, but split due to something with Deltasonic. It was apparently leaked, and from what I can imagine, it should be very good. The bassist Joe Edwards, Miles Kane, and the drummer Greg Mighall are now The Rascals. Eva Petersen, the singer, is persuing a solo career. Miles Kane is also known for being in The Last Shadow Puppets. I hope you enjoy! I'll have another review out tomorrow, so watch out.

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