Friday, May 29, 2009

The Friday Thing: Neo Consumer by Super Furry Animals

A while back, I was watching From The Basement with PJ Harvey, Free Blood, Operator Please, and Super Furry Animals. As most have, I had heard of Super Furry Animals, but never actually listened to them. The two songs from the hour that stuck out were 'White Chalk' by PJ Harvey, and 'Neo Consumer' by Super Furry Animals. I really do love this song, and constantly catch myself singing it, and you have to admit that this is a great performance. I hope you enjoy! 'neo consumer, neo consumer'

Neo Consumer


Anonymous said...

I hope you check out more of SFA's catalog. Truly one of the most inventive, melodic, and endearing bands in the history of rock. In my 40th year here on earth, i can't recall a band that i've liked more, and i've listened to alot of music. Truly the vanguard of modern psychedelic rock.

Double Hawk said...

Anonymous: I really thoroughly enjoyed their set on From the Basement, and I saw one other performance of theirs on TV, and I really liked that one too. I will surely take your word for it and listen to more! Thank you.