Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to Die Album Leak

Within the past week, The Dodos's 3rd album, Time to Die, was leaked onto the internet. The album is still due out on CD September 15th in the US, but there will be a newly scheduled digital release on July 28th. To combat the leak, The Dodos are now streaming the entire album on their website. I really feel badly for them. This has got to blow being that they probably worked so hard only to have it randomly put out two months before it was supposed to. In the video explaining what the deal was, Meric sounds so defeated. I'm not going to do too much listening of the album until the 15th when the physical copy comes out, but even if you do listen to it on their website, I'd suggest buying it to support the band.



Ian France said...

Yeah, I'm definitely going to buy their new album. Bummer it got leaked though, I mean, it's OK if the band doesn't mind it, but when they work on something so hard like that and it gets "released" before the planned date, well, that really sucks.

Double Hawk said...

Arnie: Well, I think they are a little peeved, Meric seems gracious, but Logan (standing in the back) looks like he doesn't even want to get involved. I still can't wait for the physical copy.