Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Resistance and Uprising cover art!

A week ago, Muse 'unveiled' their cover art for the highly anticipated 'The Resistance'. As compared to their previous covers, it fits in well being that they aren't known for their classically 'normal' looking covers. It's very fruity from afar, but if you click it to zoom in, it's very intricate: each hexagon looks like it's been drawn in, and then the man is actually walking towards the earth. Pretty cool.

This is the coolest coverart ever. Made for the cover of the single 'Uprising', it is the strangest things I've come to see. It doesn't match the songs mood at all and I'd never expect it, but c'mon! It's an army of teddy bears coming out of the ground. That's so sick and only Muse would do it!


Richard Cole King said...

I am pretty excited about this album. I am hoping for more 'Absolution' than 'Black Holes and Revelations'.

Double Hawk said...

Richard: Yeah, me too! 'Uprising' is a little mainstream-ish (very Goldfrapp) but based on how fantastic the last 3 albums were, they can't do too bad.