Monday, October 5, 2009

NEW: Horchata by Vampire Weekend

On Saturday, I noticed on Vampire Weekend's website they had what appeared to be countdown. Well, the countdown ended today to unveil the 1st song of the band's 2nd Album 'Contra' entitled 'Horchata'. I'm really liking their sound. It'll take a few listens to completely embrace it, but otherwise it shows great promise for a hopefully great album. Listen to make your own opinions and if you really like it, it's up for free download on their site. Enjoy!


Ian France said...

I really like the drums in this one. You can see how they're incorporating a more tropical sound after working with african band The Very Best, and how the Discovery side project also added a touch of electro to their music. They still rock the string section though :)

Double Hawk said...

Arnie: Yeah, the string section was something I adored in their 1st album. It's definately different, but I can't wait.