Friday, August 22, 2008

The Friday Thing: The Coral

Hey everyone. Because I'm bad at keeping up with my reviews, I've decided to do something every Friday non-review related. I call it The Friday Thing. I will post something that has to do with pop-culture but the main point is to post a live performance that I think is absolutely brilliant. The performances will come from with The Glastonbury Festival or Later... With Jools Holland. I'll be posting a review of either Viva La Vida or Magic and Medicine tomorrow so stay tuned.

The Coral are one of those bands that's very underrated and almost unheard of in America, surprise surprise. This performance for 'In The Morning' at Glastonbury, to me, was one of the best performances I've ever seen. Here it is and enjoy.

In The Morning


LisaK said...

You're right, never heard of them. They seem a little bland to me - their sound. Maybe I should listen again to the lyrics. Or perhaps I am just in a Dead Kennedys kind of mood lately-yep I think that's it:0)
A. Lisa

Double Hawk said...

Lisak:It must be the Dead Kennedys mood. They've got other less bland songs, I guess, but this performance just stood out to me.