Monday, August 4, 2008


Status-Out as of 2004
Rating-4 Feathers

With one passable album in their collection, Interpol could have only gone up from there. With a new attitude on music and a new concept of what their talents could achieve, 'Antics' is the answer to our prayers. 'Next Exit' starts off the album with a gospel-y organ, and though you wouldn't expect it, Paul Bank's drone-y voice meshes perfectly with the mood. You won't want to take the 'next exit' out of the room for the fact that this song in it of itself makes up for the mess that of which was 'Turn on the Bright Lights'. 'Evil' has possibly Carlos D.'s most infectious bass-line. It's more like your basic pop song than what Interpol usually does, but the vocals are so overly captivating that you cannot help but sing along. What you notice is no lengthy guitar rants. 'Narc' starts with a drum-line and guitar riff that provide for an undeniable groove that of which was lacking in most songs of their debut. The way Paul sings this makes it sound very conversational making it relatable. 'Take You on a Cruise', for lack of a better term, sounds lopsided. If you listen to it, you'd understand where I'm coming from. It's very cryptically about being on a cruise/boat, but the song just flat out doesn't go: each instrument together sounds like 'a broken watch'. 'Slow Hands' is my favourite song off the album for a number of reasons. The lyrics are odd as usual, but the heavy guitar and off-kilter drums are absolute genius. The moment it was recorded, it was bound to be an instant classic. 'Not Even Jail' comes in very dramatically. The subtle use of strings is exceptionally effective. This sounds like a song that could've easily been on their last album, but it actually holds your interest. The calmness of it all allows for a nice rest from the previous upbeat songs. 'Public Pervert': The title alone is enough to make you want to listen to it. Though it gets a tad monotonous and rant-y, the chorus is very catchy and about four minutes in it changes pace, which helps to save the song. 'C`mere' is very likable and it's similar in feel to 'Slow Hands' and 'Evil'. 'I had my doubts' on what to rate this album but then this song played. 'Length of Love' has an overall melancholic feel to it, darker than the usual Interpol. It's a nice change of mood and pace that is sure to surprise and impress. 'A Time to be So Small' finishes off the album with a calm atmosphere. It's a bit lively but it feels like it goes on a smidgen too long. It's not memorable, at all. Compared to 'Turn on the Bright Lights' this album is such an extreme turn around for such a talented band. The drums and bass improved so much and that it helps make the album what it is. (The absence of over-drawn guitar rants doesn't hinder it either!) A definite must for any music lover and nice change for any Interpol fan.

"You can't be worried about what everyone's going to think if it's really coming from your soul." - Paul Banks

Video for Evil

Interpol's Official Website
Note: I reviewed their first album awhile ago, so if you hadn't read that one, i'd suggest reading it first. Did you guys read the Oh, Inverted World review? If you haven't please do, it's some of my best writing. Thank you for your lovely comments!


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

They're great in concert.....ever see them?

That puppet in the vid creeps me out a bit...haha

Double Hawk said...

Wayfaring:No I haven't, I really wish I could though! What were they like? The puppet is really creepy, but it looks like a puppet version of Paul!

LisaK said...

Based on your reviews of the two albums and the vids I am going to throw down some money and check this out. Good stuff once again DH.

Double Hawk said...

LisaK: Don't buy the last album, unless you fall in love with Interpol. I would very much so suggest this one though!

Arnold Layne said...

Evil is my favorite Interpol music video. Of course at first it creeped me out, but I got used to it after awhile and love the dance scene at the end. Antics is my favorite Interpol album. Nice review, like always :-)

Double Hawk said...

Arnie: I knew people'd enjoy this video, but I really wanted to put slow hands, but I determinded the masses would like Evil better. Thank you!