Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Our Love To Admire-
Status-Out As Of 2007
Rating-2 Feathers

After creating the genius work that was Antics, Interpol changed record labels and used three years to create the very long awaited Our Love To Admire. You may think it’s impossible to top such a career-changing album. You might be right. ‘Pioneer to The Falls’ begins the album very nicely. Just when you think the mini-guitar rant is going on a bit too long, the vocals come in. It’s a bit calm, but not too long, although due to the calmness, it doesn’t really suck you in. ‘No I in Threesome’ is one of my favourite songs on the album. It’s a tad more upbeat than the previous, but it’s pretty calm. Paul’s voice fits the song so perfectly. The song sounds like a more mature Interpol, so I’m glad they decided ‘It’s time to give something new a try’. ‘The Scale’ is pretty dark sounding compared to the last two but it’s very long and very boring. After you’ve passed out, ‘The Heinrich Maneuver’ wakes you up with its fast paced beat and it’s kicking sound. They really should have put this song first on the album because it would have sucked in even those who hate Interpol. When the song is over, you’re dying for more. ‘Mammoth’ starts out seemingly loud and nice but it actually gets a bit quieter and it gets really monotonous. It’s like no really, ‘Just spare me the suspense’, I don’t think I can take it anymore. ‘Pace is the Trick’ is extremely quiet at the beginning; as in you don’t realize it’s playing, probably because you’ve lost your train of thought from the last song. Pace is the trick to making a song good, and this song is far too slow to captivate anyone. The only thing that gets interesting is the vocals, but the guitar just repeats the whole time. ‘All Fired Up’ sounds different than any other Interpol song I’ve heard before. The drums developed that short drum roll thing and the guitar has a different distortion on it than what we’re used to. The way he sings it is also different. I must say, I really like it; it’s a different sort of sound, which is exactly what I was hoping for with this album. ‘Rest My Chemistry’ has a very subdued Jazz feel to it, which gives its own sound, but it’s pretty uneventful, and lengthy. ‘Who Do You Think’ is pretty catchy, and so much better than the previous few songs pacewise. What’s nice about it is it varies, which is what you’ve been hoping for. ‘Wrecking Ball’ is very quiet. The vocals are odd, but the rest of it is very dull. The end bit sounds like dreamscape, if you actually realize it’s playing. ‘The Lighthouse’ is very dreamlike and the little guitar blobs throughout sound like the beginning bit of ‘Anyway Anyhow Anywhere’ by The Who. By the end of the song, I completely lost my concentration and began to focus on other things. Clearly not the best addition to their catalogue, but you can think of this album as a transformation period: a period between their old sound and their new. For fans like me, it’s our love to admire for the fact that we continue to love this band, despite the bit of mediocrity that they tend to come out with.
‘We never want to stay within a certain parameter—we always want to keep moving forward, and I think we have. You don’t really want to keep making the same record over and over.’ Daniel Kessler

Video for No I In Threesome

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Note: This is the last I'll be posting of Interpol until their forth album comes out godwilling next year. Though I gave them a 2, I still really like them and that probably won't change. Also note, I have the special edition version of this album hence the black cover. The normal version has a lion attacking some sort of elk/deer thing, just letting you know. I hope you enjoy the album or review! Thank you for reading!


PoliticianRock said...

I never really enjoyed Interpol, and this is the album I use to explain why. I agree completely with your rating, this album is not good.

Double Hawk said...

Politician: I was surprised. There was a huge time gap between this and Antics so you'd think they'd make a good record. But, I still like them.