Sunday, February 7, 2010

Possible MGMT Release Date?

It's been known for awhile now that MGMT are due to release an album entitled "Congratulations" this year, but nobody has any idea when it'll be released...until now. On MGMT's website they have a countdown going which will end on Tuesday, April 13th. It's pure speculation, but Vampire Weekend's countdown led to Horchata, so this may just lead to a song or an album. You never know.

Go here to see for yourself: MGMT's Official Website


Ian France said...

I heard about "Congratulations" on the Grammys, when they interviewed MGMT about their Grammy nomination. They were the only band at the Grammys I actually had respect for. Them, and Elton John. And that old guy who played with the Zac Brown band. He was cool.

Double Hawk said...

Arnie: I kinda agree. What about Phoenix? They were up for best alternative album, and won! but it wasn't aired. I hate the grammy's for that fact and the fact that MGMT didn't win their (innacurately nominated) award!