Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Dodos are... TIME TO DIE! (And Arctic Monkeys Humbug Cover)

The Dodos are releasing their third album entitled 'Time to Die' on September 15th, a day after 'The Resistance' by Muse is supposed to be released. That's going to be a fantastic week! 'Visiter' and 'Beware of the Maniacs' were absolutely great, so 'Time to Die' should be as good, if not better!

Track Listing:
"Small Deaths"
"The Strums
"This Is A Business"
"Two Medicines"
"Troll Nacht"
"Acorn Factory"
"Time To Die"

Arctic Monkeys too have released the cover art for their third 'Humbug'. I like it, it has the band on it which is a first for them being that all their cover art for everything was either cryptic or just with words on it. Enjoy!


Ian France said...

I like the cover art for "Humbug" better.

Double Hawk said...

Arnie: Well, the cover for Time to Die is very cohesive with what The Dodo's other albums were, but this post was to mainly report that The Dodo's are releasing a third album, and that Arctic Monkeys revealed Humbug's cover.