Thursday, June 4, 2009

WATER CURSES-Animal Collective

Water Curses-
Animal Collective
Status-Out as of 2008
3rd Extended Play
Rating-4 feathers

After the release of the ever successful Strawberry Jam LP, Animal Collective set forth on recording new material. Released shortly after, the ‘Water Curses’ EP represents just how their progress is coming along. Beginning with the title track, ‘Water Curses’ starts out with a weird trombone-y groan that sets the foundation perfectly. The synthesizer flutes backed by water sounds and primitive drumming fit perfectly behind the frantic unintelligible singing. You quickly agree with the lyrics “I don’t think I know exactly what I’m doing”. They know enough, however, to make this song so irresistibly catchy. ‘Street Flash’ is the simplest song of the four. With single organ beats and lightly filtered vocals (and awkward ear piercing laugh-screams), this song has so little going on, but it’s no less catchy or brilliant as compared to its predecessor. With weirdly clever lyrics like “I’m so sorry I came in late this evening, but all the clocks around the town had died”, how could you think otherwise? When they casually bring back the original theme after the swampy trippy interlude, you know they have the formula down perfectly. ‘Cobwebs’ provides a little break from the others. The combination of the tinny sound and creepy synthesizer being used to keep the beat, will, if the vocals alone don’t, keep your interest. You’ll be sure to be singing “I’m not going under ground” for days to come. Though the song doesn’t get freaky/experimental ‘til the 3 minute mark, the journey there is still worth it. Though you don’t realize a new song has started until you hear a normal sounding piano, ‘Seal Eying’ definitely stands out. It sticks out because it really isn’t anything hugely special. Nothing too interesting or intricate happens, which is somewhat disappointing regarding that the 3 others were so weird and complex, but this is just a bit draining in comparison. Generally, I am quite happy with this selection of songs. As an EP, it’s a quality collection that demonstrates their talent of random experimentation very well, and ¾ songs are just fantastic. It’s a shame that songs like ‘Water Curses’ and ‘Street Flash’ won’t be used on a full length album, but if this is any representation of what their upcoming album will be like, it’s going to be absolutely amazing!
"Water Curses" [the song] was the most difficult ever, I think. All getting on the same page of what that song was supposed to convey, emotionally and sonically." Brian Weitz (Geologist)

Video for Water Curses

Recommendations: Water Curses, Street Flash
Note: I wanted to review something, so I did an EP. I will still do a long review of Arctic Monkeys live at the Apollo in the coming days, so look out for that. I hope you enjoy and thank you for your kind words!

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