Friday, June 12, 2009

The Friday Thing: Your Light is Spent by Final Fantasy

I was searching around La Blogotheque on the Take Away Shows, and I stumbled upon this Final Fantasy performance. I'm so glad I did, it brightened my day. It is such a beautiful song, and Owen is just too adorable in this. The fact that this song is being played while he's strolling (or running) through the streets makes it that much more perfect and adds such a great effect. Owen Pallett is a genius, and I hope you enjoy!

Your Light is Spent


Ian France said...

Three things:
1. Owen Pallet is a genius.
2. This song is beautiful, and also the first Final Fantasy song I ever heard that turned me on to Owen Pallet.
3. I love how he keeps his violin bow inside the back of his shirt, and begins to run as the music grows more exciting.

Thanks for posting this vid ;)

Double Hawk said...

Arnie: Haha, I'm glad! I really loved this performance, and it's such a geeky/totally awesome thing to do to put your bow in your shirt, but that's how he is! I'm glad I heard it and you are welcome.